Call Recording

This is legacy documentation. We are no longer onboarding new Gruveo for Developers customers.

Gruveo Embed API as well as the mobile SDKs allow you to record the users' calls, with the composite call recordings uploaded straight into your own Amazon S3 bucket or an FTP/SFTP server. This page explains the necessary prerequisites, recording file properties as well as other important information regarding call recordings.

Recording Prerequisites

In order for us to setup call recording for your API account, we will need your client ID (request one here) as well as the following information.

Uploading to Amazon S3

  • S3 bucket name
  • AWS access key ID for an IAM user with list and write access to the bucket
  • AWS secret access key.

To create an IAM user with the bucket access, follow the steps below:

  1. Create a new IAM user by following this guide.
  2. Attach a new custom policy to the user as explained here. The policy should be as follows (replace bucket-name with the name of your S3 bucket):

Uploading to FTP/SFTP

  • Protocol (FTP or SFTP)
  • Hostname
  • Port
  • Username
  • Password
  • Directory (optional).

Once you have the above information ready, please contact us to have call recording set up for your API account.

Starting and Stopping Call Recording

Once a call has been established, toggling call recording is as simple as calling the corresponding method in the API or the mobile SDK. For example, here is how to start and stop call recording with the Gruveo Embed API:

Starting and stopping call recording are asynchronous processes. The Embed API and mobile SDKs notify you of any changes to the current call's recording state via corresponding events, e.g. the recordingStateChange event in the Embed API.

Recording File Properties

All call recordings are made in HD (1280x720) with the H.264 codec for video and AAC for audio. Recording files are composited, meaning that the pictures of the participants are combined, with dynamic maximization of the active speaker's picture.

Demo Mode Recordings

You are welcome to check out the recording functionality using the demo API credentials:

Client ID: demo
API secret: W62wB9JjW3tFyUMtF5QhRSbk

When using these demo credentials, all call recordings are uploaded to the publicly accessible gruveo-api-demo-recordings S3 bucket:

Check out the Embed API demo for an example of using the call recording functionality.