Virtual Backgrounds Come to Gruveo

The pandemic has dramatically changed the way we work. Working from home became the new norm, and with it, new challenges arose. One of them is meeting with clients: How do you work at your kitchen table and still look professional in those video meetings?

Today, we are happy to announce a beta rollout of virtual backgrounds in the Gruveo web app. This new feature uses sophisticated machine learning technology to dynamically blur your video background or replace it with a custom image. Applying a virtual background to your outgoing video is currently supported in all desktop browsers with the exception of Safari.

Setting a virtual background in Gruveo is easy. Head on to your account dashboard and click "Virtual Background". The new Virtual Background screen lets you set a blur effect on your background, or upload up to 10 custom images to replace it with. Click "Save changes" to apply your settings.

The new Virtual Background page in the account dashboard lets you set a custom video background in Gruveo.

The background effect you have chosen will apply any time you use Gruveo in a computer browser. When calling from a mobile device (including our mobile apps), Gruveo will use an unchanged picture from your camera. We're working on bringing virtual backgrounds to mobile, too.

We hope that this new Gruveo feature will help you stay productive no matter where you choose to work, be it home, office or anything in between. Enjoy!