Selfie Mode in the Web App, Account Time Zone and More

We are happy to announce a new update to the Gruveo web app that adds a number of great new features.

First, you can now use Selfie Mode in browser calls. If you are a plumber and a customer is calling to show you a leak, they can now tap their video preview to make it full screen and ensure that every little detail is visible to you. Likewise, if you are selling physical goods, you can take advantage of Selfie Mode to make sure your product looks its best on the other end of the call.

Own video preview in the Gruveo web app is now draggable, too – just like in our mobile apps. You can drag and place it in any of the four screen corners during a call, and Gruveo will remember the position of the preview between your calls.

Finally, you now can set an account-wide time zone in Gruveo. The account time zone is used for displaying all dates and times in your account as well as the notification emails (bye-bye, UTC times in the "missed call" messages!). To set the time zone, simply head on to your Gruveo account settings.

The new release also features a great deal of fixes and optimizations under the hood. Enjoy!