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Important Announcement About the Gruveo Apps

Since last Tuesday, you have been able to enjoy group video, voice and screen sharing calls with Gruveo. (For more information about the group calling release, click here.) Today, we want to inform you about a big technical change associated with ​this release.

We are retiring support for all older versions of the Gruveo apps.

​Group calling is a Gruveo Pro feature that connects Gruveo users (both Pro and non-Pro) in calls with more than two participants. To be able to enjoy it, all call participants need to be using the Gruveo web application or version 4.0 or later of our mobile apps.


The web application is updated automatically, but you need to update your Gruveo apps for iOS and Android yourself. If you still have an older version of the mobile app, group calling won't work for you. What's worse, if you organize a group call and the first user to join still has an old version of the app, a group call in that room will not be possible.

​To save everybody the hassle of experiencing problems with joining/making group calls, we have made the difficult decision to retire support for all the older Gruveo iOS and Android app versions on June 23, 2017. From that day on, Gruveo will only support version 4.0 or later of the mobile apps (both were released on June 6), and pre-4.0 apps will not be able to connect to Gruveo at all.

One more important thing - there is no way for us to show you a warning message about this in some of the older versions of the Gruveo apps. ​Therefore, we cannot stress enough the need for you to update Gruveo on all your iOS and Android devices.

It's best to do this right away by visiting your app store:

Download the Gruveo app for Android
Download the Gruveo app for iOS

We are really sorry about any inconvenience this may cause, but we strongly believe that with a big, groundbreaking change like group calling, all Gruveo users will be better off in the end.