More Control Over Your Callers' Experience

We are glad to announce two new Gruveo features that put you in even better control of your customers' experience when calling your permanent links.

The first one has to do with how long an unanswered call can ring before it's automatically ended. Up till now, calls would ring indefinitely and the ringing would stop only with the caller canceling the call. Even though the caller would then still see the Text Mail screen and be able to leave you a message, we learned that indefinite ringing was not ideal for many of our customers.

With the latest update, Gruveo now lets you choose for how long you want your unanswered calls to ring. Head on to the "Permanent Links" page in your account and check out the "Ringing timeout" setting. It lets you choose between 15 seconds, 30 seconds, 1 minute, 2 minutes as well as the original "Indefinite" default. Click "Save changes" to make the new timeout stick:

Use the "Ringing timeout" setting to define for how long you want unanswered calls to ring.

The second feature lets you set a custom prompt for the "Leave a message" screen that your callers see when you are not available to answer the call. You can now display your own text to inform the customers of your schedule or provide any other information before inviting them to leave a Text Mail for you. To set a custom prompt, head on to the "Permanent Links" page, enter your prompt in the "Text Mail prompt" box and save the changes:

You can now enter a custom Text Mail prompt in your account settings.

Your custom prompt is then shown to callers when you are unable to answer the call:

The Text Mail screen displays your custom prompt.

Enjoy these new features - more to come!