Gruveo Embeds Get a Facelift, JavaScript API Is on the Way

Gruveo embeds have graduated from closed beta 5 months ago. Over this period, we have accumulated a great deal of feedback and seen the embeds used in a variety of use cases and verticals, from consulting to scientific research to telehealth. Today, we are acting on your feedback to make the embeds even better.

Today’s update focuses on eliminating user confusion and making the embeds work seamlessly in a variety of use cases. Case in point: If you embed Gruveo to have conversations with your clients using a predefined code, it doesn’t make sense for the embed to ask them to agree on a code with the other party, or to invite them to share a Gruveo link.

Another motivation for the update is the upcoming Gruveo Embed JavaScript API, which we are planning to announce in the coming weeks. The API will enable your page to “talk” to the embed and make it start a call on a given code, end call, get call duration, or customize the UI, among other things.

Without further adieu, here is the refreshed embed in action:

And here is what we have done...

  • The start screen is much less obtrusive with plain background and a subtle “Powered by Gruveo” link instead of the logo on top. We have also removed the footer links and simplified the code prompt.
  • The Gruveo link and the sharing buttons have been removed from the connection screen, leaving the user with just the code and the connection status.
  • The new semi-transparent controlbar looks great and doesn’t waste the precious screen real estate on smaller embed sizes. It also contrasts better with the white background of the host page.
  • Chat is hidden by default on all embed sizes and requires the user to click the controlbar button to be shown.
  • Miscellaneous UI fixes make the embed look and work better in general.

You don’t need to do anything to take advantage of these changes as all embeds have been updated automatically. As usual, you can request your Gruveo embed code over here.