Group Calling Is Now at Your Service

Gruveo group video calling is released.

We are proud to announce that group calling, the latest addition to the Gruveo Pro subscription, was released earlier today and is now fully at your service. Here are the details:

Gruveo can now connect up to eight people on a video, voice-only and screen sharing call. It doesn't matter what device the group call participants use because it works across platforms and devices. You can join a call from either one of the native Gruveo apps (for iOS or Android) or from the web application at Gruveo group calls can be established by joining an anonymous call room (previously known as anonymous Gruveo code)​ or using your registered Gruveo handle (direct Gruveo code).


To enjoy unlimited group calling, at least one participant of each call needs to be a Gruveo Pro user. If you are late for a group call you organized, don't worry—free users will still be able to join and wait for you for up to 10 minutes. All group call participants, free as well as Pro users, need to have the latest version of the Gruveo app installed. Otherwise, you won't be able to join a group call.

Together with the other free and Pro features, group calls ​make up the full package for smooth, professional and reliable video communication. All the other features you are used to from one-on-one Gruveo calls are supported for group calls too. You can:

Gruveo Pro is the ultimate communication tool for your business!

Of course, we can tell you all about group calling, and ​all the ways it can help you be more effective at work, get more clients and grow your business. But you know it's better to see something once than to hear about it a hundred times. And trying it yourself is the next level. So we'll end this blog post with a sincere recommendation for you to sign up for a free 14-day Gruveo Pro trial and experience it yourself.