Gruveo Call Recording Is Released

Ladies and gentlemen, last week we revealed the exciting news that we were bringing you Call Recording (beta) for the first time. Today, we proudly announce that our newest Gruveo Pro feature is now available for you to use. Our goal always has been, and always will be, to bring you the best video calling experience. We believe the way in which we've created this new feature fulfills our promise of Gruveo ease and simplicity.

Gruveo call recording video preview

This is how your Gruveo video call recording will appear when played from the list of recordings.

With this exciting new feature you are now able to record your Gruveo calls - video, as well as voice-only ones. You may already know that Call Recording (beta) is now supported in the web and Android versions of Gruveo. We are working on bringing the recording support to our iOS app, too.


So let's talk a bit more about how you can benefit from this new addition to Gruveo Pro, shall we? First of all, you can record the whole call or just a section - it's totally up to you. You can record a voice-only call, a regular video call or even a screen sharing video call. Only the in-call text chat isn't recorded, so please bear this in mind.

From now on, no Gruveo Pro calls will be lost. This is especially helpful when you want to keep that all-important online presentation, need to record an online lesson for you and your students to go back to, or require evidence of a deal you agreed with a client. In all these and many more cases, Gruveo Video Call Recording will be invaluable.  

Another great thing about Gruveo Call Recording (beta) is that your recording is ready for you to use almost immediately after the call is ended. It's a huge plus when you don't need to wait for it to be processed, right?

Your call recordings in the recordings' list

A preview of a video and a voice call recordings in the list of your recordings.

As you may already know, we are releasing the feature as a beta, as it might be a little rough around the edges. We’d like to ask you to let us know if you experience any problems so that we can fix them as soon as possible.

How It Works

Let us guide you through the process:

  1. First, start the Gruveo call either with an anonymous or a direct code and get connected to the other person.
  2. To start recording, simply press the recording button in the bottom right corner of the call window.
  3. The call recording takes a couple of seconds to initialize and when it's ready, a red dot indicator will appear in the top left corner so you and the other party know the call is being recorded. The indicator flashes three times when the recording starts and you'll hear a beep, too.
  4. As long as the call is being recorded, both parties will see the red dot indicator in the upper left corner and the recording button (on the recorder's screen) will be red.
  5. You can stop recording at any time by simply clicking the recording button again. The red indicator will disappear from the upper left corner and your recording button will turn gray again.
  6. It is possible to make several separate recordings during one call by repeating this process.

All recordings you started are only stored in the storage space in your Gruveo profile. This means that you will need to send your recording to the other person on the call as they won't have access to it automatically (again, you started the recording so it's yours to keep). The same applies to the other participant, so it's possible for both parties to make different recordings of the same call.

We are giving a 1 GB storage space to every Gruveo Pro user for free. Do not worry when your storage quota approaches its limit - we have made this feature super user-friendly by allowing quota overruns for the last recording. This means that if you haven’t fully depleted your storage quota, you will always be able to record one more call.

You can download your recordings for further use or delete those you no longer need to free up some storage space. There will be an option to upgrade for more storage space later on.

We have also made some changes to our Terms and Conditions, and the Privacy Policy as they need to reflect the existence of the Call Recording feature. Please have a look at the updated Privacy Policy and Article 4 in our Terms and Conditions.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us. We are always happy to help.