Call Reconnection for the Web App Just Got Even Better

...and it will make your Gruveo call experience even smoother! 

Why should you be excited about a technical "thing" when you're just a Gruveo user? Let us explain.

Let's imagine this scenario you must be familiar with:

You've finally managed to schedule an important call with your very busy client to discuss a very important matter of your co-operation.


Because he/she is busy all the time and always on the go, you only have 20 minutes in between his/her meetings. You need to talk about some stats so will be using screen sharing feature during your Gruveo video call. All is well for the first 5 minutes of the call but then your client's internet connection gets worse and the call gets disconnected. You need to start another call to continue...

Wait a moment!

No, you don't! Not anymore. (Here comes the benefit of the new technical "thing".) With this new update of the call re-connection of the Gruveo web app we have just released, you no longer need to struggle when the internet gets bumpy.

We have improved the robustness of the calls. This means that Gruveo will now try even harder to solve your connection issues for you and this way let you concentrate on business instead of technology.

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This improvement comes as a part of the overall Gruveo promise of keeping things simple, easy and high-quality.

One more thing. You don't need to do anything to take advantage of this improvement. The Gruveo web app updates automatically. 

P.S. We're not asking you to share this news with anybody because the benefits will be visible to everybody making Gruveo calls. But if you really really want to, then sure 😉 go ahead. Buttons are at the top.