Put Your Gruveo Handle on Your Business Card

This article continues where the previous one left off. Another place your Gruveo handle should be presented is on your business card—for all the same reasons laid out in the last article about including your Gruveo handle in your email signature.

Gruveo handle on your business card - video appointments conferencing

A Gruveo handle on a business card.

We'd like to add one crucial psychological point that many professionals don't think about.


Putting your Gruveo handle ​on your business card is a sign that you’re serious about using Gruveo. When anyone sees your Gruveo handle on such a professional item, they will understand that you are serious about using Gruveo—that for you Gruveo is a reliable communication tool. They will then act accordingly.

Remember, on your business card, you should have the means of contact ​you want people to use when they need to reach you. You are limited by the size of the card, so choose wisely. Whatever contact methods you list there will be used, and what's not on there basically doesn't exist.

With the branding feature enabled, you make a good first impression and give the caller a feel for your business, even before the call is connected. You can set your own profile picture/company logo and call background picture.

Gruveo Pro branding feature - personalize your call screen - Gruveo handle on your business card

The Gruveo Pro branding feature lets you personalize your call screen.

Including your Gruveo handle on your business card will also make you appear progressive and aware of new trends. In other words, it's proof that you seek progress and strive for improvement. Wouldn't you prefer to work and do business with such a person over someone old-fashioned?

At the same time, Gruveo remains very easy to use and takes down barriers in communication. It gives you the best of both worlds!

So, for your next batch of business cards, let the designer make a change and use your Gruveo handle instead of (or at least in addition to)​ your phone number.

Let us know how it changes your interactions, and to what extent, in the comments below. We're curious to hear about your experience!

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