Your Gruveo Handle on Other Websites​

It’s becoming increasingly important for businesses to be listed on review websites and various other portals. These, usually large, websites are where people go when they're looking for advice for a particular problem, a comparison of two or more competing products or services, or reviews of whatever they're planning to buy.

There are countless websites of this kind, and they cover pretty much every area of life and various types of goods. We're talking about TripAdvisor for hotels, Capterra and G2 Crowd for software, LegalMatch for attorneys, Zocdoc for doctors, etc. You get the idea.

Gruveo handle on other websites - G2 Crowd profile with Gruveo handleG2 Crowd profile with Gruveo handle

A section of a G2 Crowd profile with a Gruveo call link.


Depending on what your business offers, the reason for including your Gruveo handle in the description on these websites will vary. You might want people to call you to get more information, to schedule an appointment, to get a live demo of your software...

Remember to mention the reasons why people should call you along with your handle or Gruveo call link and start receiving calls. Your business can only grow.

If there is an option to include links, use your Gruveo call link instead of just your handle. People can click it to start a Gruveo call right from the website. In this case, the extended caller context feature, included in the Gruveo Pro subscription, comes in handy.

Gruveo handle on other websites - Extended caller context on a Gruveo Pro incoming call - online video conferencing

Extended caller context shows that this call originated on

Extended caller context shows you the website the call originated on, and helps you make more informed decisions about which websites it’s worth paying to be listed on. This makes your marketing more effective and increases ROI of your ads. While we do recommend you put your Gruveo handle on other websites, that doesn't mean you should put it everywhere. Choose the sites that offer the most bang for your buck.

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