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Improvements to the Gruveo Experience on iOS

Over the past couple of weeks, we have been really busy improving the Gruveo call experience on iOS – both in Safari as well as the Gruveo app.

The Gruveo app for iOS now supports automatic call reconnection. If your Internet connection drops mid-call, the app will now try really hard to reconnect the call instead of ending it. We first introduced this advanced reconnection functionality in our web app, and now it’s present in all of the Gruveo apps out there, including the Android one.

The Gruveo web application has seen a nasty bug fixed where the whole device would freeze during a video call in Safari on iOS 11. Now the Gruveo experience in iOS 11 Safari is as smooth as ever.

Stay tuned for more updates!

Announcing the New Gruveo Subscription

Ever since launching in 2013, Gruveo has been all about making it really simple for people to connect to each other. We began by enabling any two people to start a video or voice call simply by popping into the same Gruveo room – no account or installs needed. And last year, we added Gruveo handles – permanent usernames that work like phone numbers and let others call you anytime, anywhere.

Starting today, we are making handles the defining feature of Gruveo. With this, we are putting handles front and center in Gruveo’s value proposition as a tool for businesses to let their customers get in touch in an easy, secure and feature-rich way.

A Magic Call Link for Customers to Reach You

A Gruveo handle is a truly magical thing. Every handle comes with a short link, e.g., which, when clicked, starts a call with you right in the caller’s browser. No account or installs are needed, even on mobile!

Here is what makes Gruveo handles so great:

  • No signups. No new apps. Just click a link. Gruveo runs right in the caller’s browser, without annoying plugins or app installs.
  • Works everywhere it matters. Thanks to the WebRTC technology built into modern browsers, Gruveo video and voice calling works out of the box.
  • Video, voice and screen sharing calls. Get face-to-face with a sales lead, collaborate on a document, or have a simple voice call with a customer.
  • Features you need, when you need them. Enjoy group calling, HD call recording, in-call text chat and much more.
  • Answer your calls anywhere. Use your computer or take Gruveo on the go with our acclaimed mobile apps.
  • Your call, your branding. Reinforce your brand by putting your logo and a custom background on your call screen with ease.

The New Gruveo Subscription

Handles become part of the new Gruveo subscription, which is available immediately and comes with a risk-free 14-day trial. As a Gruveo subscriber, you can:

  • Receive incoming calls on your short link, e.g.
  • Enjoy video, voice and screen sharing calls
  • Send and receive text messages during a call
  • Participate in group conversations with up to 12 participants
  • Toggle cloud call recording with 2GB of recording space
  • Join call rooms for quick, one-time calls
  • Call other Gruveo handles
  • Let callers leave you a text message
  • Get extended information about callers
  • …and more.

You can cancel your Gruveo subscription anytime, and if you do, you will be able to access your account for another 14 days to save your content.

What About the Existing Users?

We are no longer offering Gruveo Pro to new customers, but if you are an existing Pro user, you can continue enjoying your subscription without changes. Actually, there is one change: Now you can organize group calls with 12 participants instead of 8!

If you are a free registered user with a Gruveo handle, you will continue receiving calls on your handle as before. You can switch to the new Gruveo subscription anytime, too, but please be advised that you will not be able to keep your handle if you cancel.

Finally, if you don’t have a Gruveo account, you can call handles, join call rooms and have unlimited one-on-one conversations on Gruveo just like you did before.

Try It Today

We are convinced that you will like the new Gruveo subscription. To start your risk-free 14-day trial, click here.

iOS App Connection Issues

The latest version of our iOS app (2.5.1) introduced support for hardware video acceleration, which means drastically better performance and battery efficiency. Unfortunately, this version also introduced a bug which prevents the app from establishing a connection under certain circumstances, in particular when using Gruveo over 3G/4G.

We have fixed the bug and submitted version 2.5.2 of the app to App Store for review. Based on our past experience with the App Store review process, the update should become available within 1 to 3 days.

Thank you for using Gruveo and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this could have caused. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Important Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

As Gruveo continues growing in popularity, it is inevitable that our core promise of secure and anonymous video calling may begin to attract some users with, let’s say, questionable intentions. With this in mind, we feel that it’s important for us to be even clearer on our privacy practices, as well as to state our stance on any illegal activities involving Gruveo.

It has long been stated in Article 6 of our Terms and Conditions that any illegal use of Gruveo will be investigated. Today, we are making it crystal clear by adding the language that reserves our right to cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies about any illegal activities conducted via Gruveo.

Our anonymity promise remains unaffected. In fact, we have updated our Privacy Policy to provide better details on our logging practices, as well as on our usage of analytics services, e.g. the employment of IP address anonymization in Google Analytics.

Our goal with Gruveo is a safe place for your communications that also respects your privacy. We feel that today’s changes bring us closer to that goal.

The new Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are effective immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

Introducing Text Mail

Heads up direct code users! Now you can capture your callers’ info even if you are busy or unavailable. Thanks to our new Text Mail feature, callers can now leave you a message that will arrive straight to your email inbox. Here is what it looks like:

Leaving a Text Message

Text mail is on by default but you can turn it off any time by logging in, going to Settings and unchecking the checkbox that says “Allow callers to leave a message when you are busy or unavailable”.

Leaving a text message is currently supported in the Gruveo web app, with support in the Android and iOS apps coming soon.

Enjoy, and never lose that important call again!