API Developer Update: Chromeless Mode, White Labeling and More

We have recently added some important features to our Embed API. Here is the full scoop:

Chromeless Mode

In chromeless mode, the Gruveo embed does not expose any controls to the end user, nor does it reveal the connection code on the waiting screen. This mode is perfect for ultra-custom integrations where you supply all of the controls as part of your web application and wire them up to the embed via the API.

Set the new chromeless API parameter to 1 to activate chromeless mode. Example 5 on our Examples page features chromeless mode in action.

White Labeling

Our API customers now have the ability to suppress Gruveo branding in the embed. Setting the new branding parameter to 0 hides the “Powered by Gruveo” label on the start screen as well as removes the in-call logo watermark.

New API Signing Scheme & API Credentials

We have added the new clientid parameter to the API signing scheme. The old signing scheme without the clientid parameter is now officially deprecated and will be eventually phased out. Please get in touch to get your new API credentials that include your client ID and API secret.

As usual, please check the updated API docs and API examples for more details on the above changes.