Gruveo SDK for Android Is Out

Yet more fantastic news for developers! We have just released the Gruveo SDK for Android and we want you to check it out.

Gruveo Android SDK example - online video conferencing

Gruveo SDK for Android lets you quickly add a video chat screen to your app.

The SDK lets you add a video chat screen to your app and communicate with it using a simple API. The screen comes with all user-facing controls already in place and is the quickest way to add video and voice chat to your Android app.


Just as with our Embed API for web, you can send commands to the Android chat screen using the handy SDK methods, as well as add event handlers to process any events fired by the SDK.

The Gruveo SDK for Android supports all the features that you've become accustomed to with Gruveo for Developers: high quality video and voice calls, group calling for up to 8 people, HD call recording straight to your S3 bucket, and more.

Click the button below to take a look at a sample Android app using our new SDK.

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​P.S. Important reminder—Gruveo Embed API is graduating from beta on August 14, 2017. If you're an early beta user, request your new production API credentials now and save yourself some unnecessary trouble!