The Gruveo App for Android Just Got the New Favorites Feature

As a Gruveo Android app user, you can now organize your most often called Gruveo rooms and @handles easily and have them on hand when you need to make a call. We have added a new Favorites tab into the Gruveo Android app, and made the Recents tab more useful.

Gruveo Android app new Favorites list

The Android app's new Favorites list includes rooms and @handles you mark as your favorite.

The latest update of the Gruveo for Android app adds the Favorites tab, which lets you save your favorite Gruveo rooms and @handles for easy access.


The Recents tab has been improved, and now groups calls to/from the same room or handle to let you quickly locate a recent call.

The new Recents tab in the Gruveo Android app

The improved Recents tab in the Gruveo Android app

If you want to see the latest calls received from, and made on, a particular Gruveo @handle or call room, just tap it in the list of Recents and the whole call history appears.

Gruveo Android app new Recents tab - detail on recent calls on/from a @handle

The improved Recents tab - details on recent calls to/from a @handle

Hint: If you can't see the new Favorites tab in your Gruveo Android app, then you're using an older version that doesn't support these new functionalities and need to update the app. Click here to do it now!

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