Introducing the Help Center

We are proud to announce the launch of the Gruveo Help Center, a place to find answers to your questions about Gruveo features and how to use them. You will also find tips and tricks on how to get the most out of Gruveo. Our goal was to create a support center with tutorials and tips where our users will go to for help with anything they encounter while using Gruveo. We have prepared a selection of articles with the most common topics and arranged them into four categories so that you’ll easily find what you’re looking for.

Let’s go through the category contents now. In Getting Started we cover the basics and explain how to make Gruveo video and voice calls. In Direct Codes we explain what Direct Gruveo Codes are, talk about the notification options and how to set them up. Gruveo Pro (hence the name) concentrates on how to use all the premium Gruveo features you get in the subscription. And last but certainly not least, the Tips and Tricks give you more details about some Gruveo functionalities that you can take advantage of and make your Gruveo experience even more awesome.

Each article can be rated, commented on and shared on your social media. We very much appreciate you doing any or even all of these actions because that’s the way to show us which topics are the most wanted and which articles are the most helpful. Every page also includes a search bar with automatic result preview to make your search for knowledge extra smooth.

We already have more articles planned out so you can look forward to those. In the meantime please feel free to send us your suggestions.

iOS App Connection Issues

The latest version of our iOS app (2.5.1) introduced support for hardware video acceleration, which means drastically better performance and battery efficiency. Unfortunately, this version also introduced a bug which prevents the app from establishing a connection under certain circumstances, in particular when using Gruveo over 3G/4G.

We have fixed the bug and submitted version 2.5.2 of the app to App Store for review. Based on our past experience with the App Store review process, the update should become available within 1 to 3 days.

Thank you for using Gruveo and we are very sorry for any inconvenience this could have caused. Please feel free to contact us should you have any questions.

Important Changes to our Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions

As Gruveo continues growing in popularity, it is inevitable that our core promise of secure and anonymous video calling may begin to attract some users with, let’s say, questionable intentions. With this in mind, we feel that it’s important for us to be even clearer on our privacy practices, as well as to state our stance on any illegal activities involving Gruveo.

It has long been stated in Article 6 of our Terms and Conditions that any illegal use of Gruveo will be investigated. Today, we are making it crystal clear by adding the language that reserves our right to cooperate with appropriate law enforcement agencies about any illegal activities conducted via Gruveo.

Our anonymity promise remains unaffected. In fact, we have updated our Privacy Policy to provide better details on our logging practices, as well as on our usage of analytics services, e.g. the employment of IP address anonymization in Google Analytics.

Our goal with Gruveo is a safe place for your communications that also respects your privacy. We feel that today’s changes bring us closer to that goal.

The new Privacy Policy and Terms and Conditions are effective immediately. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us.

iOS App Glitch and Removal of Invalid Accounts

We are sorry to announce that we had to remove a small percentage of Gruveo accounts. A bug in our iOS app allowed users to register a @username containing invalid characters, for example @!!test_123!!. Such users were not then able to receive incoming calls on their direct code, rendering their account worthless.

Fortunately, only a small fraction (less than 3.4%) of Gruveo accounts were affected by this glitch. We have contacted all of the affected users directly, explaining what has happened and asking them to re-create their account on Gruveo.

If you haven’t received an email from us regarding this matter, your Gruveo account has not been affected.

Once again, we are very sorry for the inconvenience.

Introducing Text Mail

Heads up direct code users! Now you can capture your callers’ info even if you are busy or unavailable. Thanks to our new Text Mail feature, callers can now leave you a message that will arrive straight to your email inbox. Here is what it looks like:

Leaving a Text Message

Text mail is on by default but you can turn it off any time by logging in, going to Settings and unchecking the checkbox that says “Allow callers to leave a message when you are busy or unavailable”.

Leaving a text message is currently supported in the Gruveo web app, with support in the Android and iOS apps coming soon.

Enjoy, and never lose that important call again!

Gruveo for Android Receives a Massive 2.0 Update

We have just released an updated version of our Android app that features massive improvements and provides exciting new functionality.

Full Direct Codes Support

Before today’s update, the Android app only allowed you to make outgoing calls to direct Gruveo codes. With version 2.0, you can log in and receive incoming calls on your own @code, too!

Incoming call in the Gruveo app for Android

You can now receive incoming calls in the Android app. Gruveo Pro subscriber? Take advantage of the extended caller info.

Gruveo Pro Features? Check.

If you are a Gruveo Pro user, you will see more precise caller location, referrer source and platform whenever somebody calls you. Other Android users will see your logo when dialing your direct code. There is also full support for incoming screen sharing in the app.

Stability and Performance Improvements

We have rewritten big chunks of the Android app to make it lean and performant. It’s more stable, too.

Compatible with More Devices

The device requirements for Gruveo have been relaxed so you can install the app on more types of devices. Give it a try!

Get the updated Android app here:

Get it on Google Play

Introducing Gruveo Pro: The World’s Easiest Video Calls Now Come with World-Class Features

We are excited to announce the launch of Gruveo Pro, our new premium subscription which goes above and beyond the Gruveo features you already know and love to provide additional functionality for business and power users. We’re offering a 14-day free trial of Pro to all Gruveo users. Just click here to upgrade and get started.

Screen sharing in Gruveo Pro

Unlimited screen sharing is available to all Gruveo Pro users.

Screen Sharing, Branding and More

With Gruveo Pro, you can now easily share your screen from within a Gruveo call to collaborate seamlessly in real time. Gruveo’s legendary simplicity is built into our screen sharing feature, so you’ll never have to waste time on coordinating a software download with someone you want to share screen with again – just click to share screen from within your call with speed and ease. Gruveo’s new screen sharing capabilities even allow you to trade presentation roles with the person you’re collaborating with, whether they’re a Pro subscriber or not.

Ever wish you could customize your Gruveo call screen with graphics that reflect your business or brand to let callers know they’re in the right place? With Gruveo Pro, you can add your own call screen background and logo to impress clients and earn instant credibility.

With Gruveo Pro’s extended caller context, Pro users can now see incoming call locations down to the city. Pro subscribers also receive access to the caller’s referral source to improve marketing attribution and help gain an understanding of which Gruveo link placements result in the most new business.

Extended caller context in Gruveo Pro

Improve marketing attribution with Gruveo Pro’s extended caller context.

Of course, Gruveo Pro comes standard with all of the other great features you’ve come to expect from Gruveo, like unlimited anonymous and direct code calling, in-call text chat and mobile apps. The new feature-rich Gruveo Pro is available for a monthly subscription of just $12, but you can upgrade now to try it for free for 14 days.

We’ve Also Improved Our Android App

While we’ve been working hard to bring you the new features of Gruveo Pro, we’ve simultaneously been working to get our Android app Pro-ready. In addition to numerous bug fixes and added stability, the Android app will now allow the ability to log into Gruveo within the app to receive incoming direct code calls. The updated app is currently in the process of the Play Store submission and will be available over the coming days.

Try Pro For Free Now

Want to give the new Pro features a try? Just click here to upgrade and test-drive the new Pro features for free for 14 days.

API Developer Update: Chromeless Mode, White Labeling and More

We have recently added some important features to our Embed API. Here is the full scoop:

Chromeless Mode

In chromeless mode, the Gruveo embed does not expose any controls to the end user, nor does it reveal the connection code on the waiting screen. This mode is perfect for ultra-custom integrations where you supply all of the controls as part of your web application and wire them up to the embed via the API.

Set the new chromeless API parameter to 1 to activate chromeless mode. Example 5 on our Examples page features chromeless mode in action.

White Labeling

Our API customers now have the ability to suppress Gruveo branding in the embed. Setting the new branding parameter to 0 hides the “Powered by Gruveo” label on the start screen as well as removes the in-call logo watermark.

New API Signing Scheme & API Credentials

We have added the new clientid parameter to the API signing scheme. The old signing scheme without the clientid parameter is now officially deprecated and will be eventually phased out. Please get in touch to get your new API credentials that include your client ID and API secret.

As usual, please check the updated API docs and API examples for more details on the above changes.

Make Your Direct Code 10x More Useful with Call Notifications

Update October 14, 2016: Gruveo Instant Connect for Chrome now makes browser call notifications even more prominent by making them work in the background as well as adding a proper ringing sound to them.

Direct Gruveo codes are like phone numbers, just a whole lot better. With a direct code, you can receive incoming video and voice calls from anyone without them having to install software or create an account. Tell a customer to enter your @code on Gruveo or go to, and there you are, receiving that as an incoming call.

For direct codes to be truly useful, you need to know when the other party is calling you without keeping the Gruveo tab (or the Gruveo app) open. That’s where our handy incoming call notifications come in. You can enable them in your browser on desktop and Android, or in our iOS app if you have an iPhone or an iPad.

Enabling Browser Notifications

Most modern browsers are capable of showing system notifications. Gruveo takes advantage of this to alert you of an incoming call on your direct code even if you don’t have the Gruveo tab open. Browser notifications work in the web version of Gruveo in Chrome, Firefox, Opera and Safari (limited functionality) on desktop – as well as in Chrome, Firefox and Opera on Android.

Here is what an incoming call notification looks like in desktop Firefox:

Firefox Notification

To enable browser notifications, log in to Gruveo, click your username, then Settings. Check the “Enable browser notifications” checkbox and click “Save Settings”. You will get a browser prompt asking you to enable notifications for Once you confirm, you will receive a notification every time somebody is trying to reach you – even if you don’t have the Gruveo tab open!

Powering Up Browser Notifications with Gruveo Instant Connect

Our Gruveo Instant Connect extension for Chrome works in the background and is capable of showing incoming call notifications even if you have all Chrome windows closed. It also adds a proper ringing sound to the notifications. All you need to do is add the extension to Chrome and let it do its magic. Click here to install Gruveo Instant Connect now.

Enabling Push Notifications in Gruveo for iOS

If you have push notifications enabled for Gruveo, our iOS app notifies you every time you have an incoming call on your iPhone or iPad – no need to keep the app open. Here is what a call notification looks like on the lock screen:

Call Notification on iPhone

You can also choose to decline the call or answer it right from the notification itself. Pull down (or swipe left if the screen is locked) to access those features:

Call Notification Actions

Our iOS app asks for a permission to enable notifications on first launch, so chances are that you already have push notifications enabled for Gruveo. It that’s not the case or you want to double-check, head on to the Settings app on your iPhone or iPad, tap “Notifications” and then “Gruveo”. Make sure that “Allow Notifications” is enabled:

Gruveo Notification Settings

Gruveo for Android: Works Out of the Box

Our Android app displays any incoming calls on full screen, just like the core Phone app. No extra tweaks are necessary.

Don’t Miss That Call

With notifications enabled, you won’t miss that important call on your direct code whether you use Gruveo on Android, iOS and desktop. Make sure that call notifications are enabled and enjoy that conversation!

Direct Codes Are Live

Direct Gruveo codes are live! Grab your direct @code and enjoy easy video and voice calls from your clients, customers and friends. Click here:

Sign Up

P.S. Still unsure what direct codes are? Check out our new video:

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