Affiliate Program - Gruveo

Affiliate Program

​Promote Gruveo and Earn 25% of Every Sale

​You can make money by partnering with ​Gruveo as an Affiliate. Click below to get started ​today!​

How the Affiliate Program Works

When you become an affiliate, we'll provide you with a special affiliate link. You can put the affiliate link on your website or social networks and refer businesses in need of a​n easy-to-use video calling solution to Gruveo.

When a new user visits and signs up at Gruveo via your affiliate link (either on that visit, or on a subsequent one), our system instantly identifies that they’ve come from you. When a purchase is made by your referral, you will automatically receive a 25% commission!

Recurring Income

When someone you refer to us signs up for an account, you'll earn 25% not only on their very first ​payment after the free trial, but also on any recurring payments they make.


​You refer ​Mary to us, and she signs up at $29 per month. After Mary's free trial is over, you'll earn $7.25 for each month she uses ​Gruveo.

After a year, you've made $87. After 2 years, $172. 3 years? $261. And so on as long as ​Mary ​has her Gruveo ​account.

And that's just one account!

Affiliate ​Dashboard

​We'll provide you with a special Affiliate ​Dashboard where you can monitor your referrals' signups, purchases and the subsequent payments to you. You’ll also receive the marketing materials you will need to successfully promote ​Gruveo.

​Ready to make money?